THROWING: The process

My pottery pieces are thrown on a Brent C electric wheel. After the piece is created, it is allowed to semi dry before adding texture, Bible reference and signature. The Bible references may reflect my thoughts at that time or perhaps where God leads me in the Bible to make a connection between the buyer and the original Creator.

After the piece has matured and is dry, it is bisque fired in a Skutt electric kiln to cone 04 (a temperature of 1945 degrees F). This requires a 24-hour start to finish.

Following the bisque firing, the bottom of the pieces are brushed or dipped into beeís wax to prevent the glaze (the next step) from dripping onto the kiln shelf and adhering the two in the final firing.

The glazes are lead-free and non-toxic and safe for food containers and dinnerware. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The next step is the final glaze firing done to high fire cone 6 (a temperature of 2232 degrees F) and again requiring a 24-hour period.
Marilynís Bod
This clay is a red-brown stoneware, excellent for throwing and functional ware.

Olsonís Bod
This clay is a high fire clay suitable for throwing and sculpting. It is glaze-fired to cone 10 (a temperature of 2380 degrees F). It has an off-white finish as compared to the soft pink of Marilyn's Bod after the initial cone 04 bisque fire.

The kiln lid is open to reveal the finished product. These three bowls were slab rolled, shaped, dried, bisque fired and then glaze fired using blue rutile and ancient jasper.


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